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Underground railroad writing paper

<em>Underground</em> <em>Railroad</em> Research <em>Paper</em> Custom-

Underground Railroad Research Paper Custom- General encyclopedias PERIODICAL INDEXES TO SEARCH (BOOKS OR CD-ROMS) EBSCO Magazine Article Summaries Info Trac Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature SIRS (Social Issues Resources Series) WILSONDISC ONLINE DATABASES TO SEARCH Dialog Internet KEY WORDS AND DESCRIPTORS FOR PERIODICAL INDEX AND ONLINE SEARCHES Underground Railroad Slavery Abolition VIDEOTAPES ON THIS TOPIC Follow the Drinking Gourd: A Story of the Underground Railroad. Underground Railroad Research Paper. Write about one of the famous “conductors” or “passengers” on the Underground Railroad.

Slavery And The <u>Underground</u> <u>Railroad</u>

Slavery And The Underground Railroad Many people, both black and white, served as conductors along the way. Hippocrene Guide to the Underground Railroad, 1994. Slavery And The Underground Railroad Essay, Research Paper. I know you’re wondering, what railroad?

Abolitionists and the <u>Underground</u> <u>Railroad</u> - National Park Service

Abolitionists and the Underground Railroad - National Park Service This booklet will provide a window into the past through a variety of primary sources regarding the Underground Railroad. Chart paper or projection/transparency with 3 guiding questions What are the goals. 1 Engage The Underground Railroad was a reaction to the rise of slavery in this. will write down the 's answers after you have reached agreement.

Classroom <em>Underground</em> <em>Railroad</em> PBS

Classroom Underground Railroad PBS Levi Coffin (October 28, 1798 – September 16, 1877) Coffin was a Quaker abolitionist known as the “President of the Underground Railroad” because of the thousands of slaves who passed through him on their way north. The five intermediate or middle-school based lesson plans targeting grades 6-8 are intended to expand and appreciate a better understanding about the work.

The <em>Underground</em> <em>Railroad</em> Write a Secret Letter

The Underground Railroad Write a Secret Letter Still, it was responsible for helping thousands of slaves find their way to freedom. Imagine you are an agent on the Underground Railroad helping runaway slaves, and you must complete a letter to a stationmaster.

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